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tell me where the waves go,
and I will tell you
the ebbing tides of your carefully candle dried magnetism
can't stay undersea forever

when you resurface (I don't fancy gills, myself)
I advise you
to heed the first thing you see in the sand
be it talking cigarette, smoldering bird, or
the air bubble of hesitation you brought with you
It watched you submerge
(as much as the metaphor of cigarette can watch, mind you)
and here it is,
snoozing at hand's reach in low tide
waiting for your magnetism to dry
parched lips
can't sleep, maaang.
There are a lot of webcomics out there. Regardless of genre, they all need basic components to make it a comic. The look of the characters, background... most comics have their characters in the comic constantly, but backgrounds tend to vary quite a bit. Some treat the backdrop as an important or detailed addition to the setting (Buck Godot, Bad Machinery, Runners...) and other webcomics prefer to focus mainly on the the dialogue and characters (Penny Arcade, Awkward Zombie, Head Trip). Comedic strips seem to focus less on background, as the dialogue is much more relevant.  

While setting is important, I realize I often don't pay attention to the background of a strip. I typically focus on the characters talking, and then move on, and only every once in a while look at the architecture. What I'm getting at - is (detailed) background important to you? Do you notice it?
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Artist | Student | Literature
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Current Residence: Ohio (Toto, I've the feeling we're not in California anymore)
Personal Quote: "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about."

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